Small Business Tax

We work with you, not just for you so you can do more.

How would you like us to support you? Our small business tax  services fasten your tax prep work and lays over a process to validate the numbers for accrued taxes and available deductions that your small business can make use of for optimum results.

On-time reports you can understand

Our bookkeeping process provides you with clear, relevant financial reports. Know what’s going on with your small business on your schedule. We’re always just an email or call away, ready to answer questions, address challenges and toast victories.

File that under “winning”

Let us file your sales tax. We speak GST, HST, PST and RST and can submit at the frequency that works best for you. Know what’s owing ahead of time because the only surprise you want is a super fun one (unless you hate surprises, of course).

Implement the right software

With the right tool, systems flow seamlessly. We’ve done the legwork and understand how and why specific software fits a particular business. Pick our brains; we’re here to help and make processes sing. From POS systems to inventory tracking and payroll, we’re all in.

Cash Flow “ins and outs”

Invoicing? We can do that for you—receivables, payables and payments too if you like. It’s easy to get behind on basic bookkeeping, especially when you’re starting up and doing all the things. Focus on your business while we strive to keep your cash flow positive.


Prefer to do it yourself?

We get it. Our accounting service can also help you review the work you or your accountants have done to provide you important tips and maximize applicable tax deductions prior to your filing of business tax returns.

Alternatively we can also get involved if you are midst of tax audit with and need someone to work with you to reconcile and resolve any accounting discrepancy.


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